Gordon Love
“Light sabres”

What more can I say….. Join Gordon for an interactive session learning how to save the universe – fencing masks required (There will be some kit to borrow if you don’t have your own).

James Aldous-Granby
Evidence based warm-ups for performance using a modified RAMP framework in Olympic fencing.

Warm-ups are so common and routine they can often escape coaches’ critical appraisal. Despite this, warm-ups have the potential to not only prepare athletes physically and mentally but also to reduce the probability of injury and improve performance, meaning it is critical to provide the best warm-up possible.
In this workshop, we will examine the current scientific recommendations for warm-ups, including a basic framework, and, as a group, apply these principles to create a warm-up specifically designed for Olympic fencing.

Prof. Peter Northam
Full-time fencing coach for 43 years.
Workshop: The Individual Lesson in Fencing

Prof. Northam will be running his interactive workshop based
on ‘The Individual Lesson in Fencing: Some Ideas and Suggestions to Develop the Fencers Range of Strokes over Various Distances. Applicable to Foil, Epee and Sabre.’
This will be a practical session, so please bring fencing/coaching kit with you to get the most out of it.

Rob Cawdron
Head Coach at King Edward VI School, Stratford Upon Avon.
Workshop: Variability in Fencing Training

An interactive workshop, on how varying the design of practice can influence the learning of fencing for athletes. Particular emphasis will be on decision making and how coaches can promote that through encouraging athletes to adapt to different constraints and problems.”Variability in Fencing Training”
This will be a practical session, so please bring fencing/coaching kit with you to get the most out of it.

Ronin Traynor
Action Coordinator / Swordmaster / Teacher / Armourer
Workshop: Stage combat “Knife Fights”
Ronin Traynor

“Knife fights” –Join Ronin for an interactive session learning how stage combat skills make the fights look so real.

Gordon Love

Historical Longsword. This interactive session will get you trying out exercises and drills from the time of the Longsword, giving you the chance to see the evolution of sword to fencing. Bring your fencing/coaching gear, swords supplied!