James Aldous-Granby

Subject: The Effects of Person Perception on Psychological Performance Factors and Tactical Intentions in Olympic Fencing
Exploring the impact of what we think of our opponent on our game, how we make those decisions and why it happens.

Gillian Aghajan
Chairwoman of the BVF

Subject: Veterans fencing and the benefits to health/injury prevention.
Exploring the health and social benefits of continuing to fence as we age. Gillian is chair of British Veterans Fencing, the body for fencing for anyone over 40yrs. A great opportunity to look ahead in your fencing career and see what is in place both competitively and socially.

David Kirby

Subject: “Formal Coaching Courses – A waste of Space?”
David looks at the courses available and explores their worth and drawbacks in this hotly debated seminar.

Dr.Johnathan Katz

Subject: “High performance Focus.”
This seminar will be exploring “High Performance Focus” discussing aspects of the Elite Fencers journey and what they can add to our own fencing and coaching.

Lawrence Burr OBE
British Veteran Fencer, Board member of England Fencing and British Epee Development Committee Chairman.

Subject: “Where is Epee today and is it worth the effort?”
Lawrence will be discussing the loss of funding, the British Epee Development Committee and the way forward for Epee.

Tamas Varju
I hold an FDA in International Culinary Arts and I have 10 years experience as a professional chef, where I have gained a comprehensive knowledge of food. This, coupled with my understanding of nutritional biochemistry and my competition history enables me to help fencers identify beneficial foods and to understand their nutritional benefits for better performance.

As a sabre fencer I was fencing since I was 12 in Hungary representing my club at various competitions including the junior team nationals where we won the bronze medal. Moved to the UK  2009 representing Camden Fencing Club since  2015.
Subject: “Nutrition – Eating Before Competition”
Tamas will be looking at nutrition for fencers based on his experiences as a fencer for Hungary and his expertise as a chef.
Sports Nutrition is one of the biggest, most bespoken topic of maximizing performance. But how can we maximize performance without compromising on our health?
You’ve practiced hard and psyched yourself up for the big event, preparing for a super performance. You’re ready… except there’s just one thing lacking – proper nutrition that will keep you going throughout the competition!