Evolution Workshops

This page is an archive for Expo 2016.

Below are some of the workshops that will be running during the day. These will be interactive sessions with the opportunity to get up and involved!

Rob Runacres – The Renaissance Sword Club

A session on De Heredia. – The evolution of fencing in Renaissance France in the 1500s

Rob runs a club in the South-East of England called Renaissance Swords, teaching sword forms of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Thus includes sidesword of the Bolognese tradition and French rapier and companion weapons such as the dagger, cloak, buckler and rotella (a round shield).
They study the weapons as a martial form, though they do also compete.
Rob is active in judging and managing competitions in Europe and the United States and has translated a number if sources from this period.


Ronin Traynor – Action Coordinator / Swordmaster / Teacher / Armourer
Ronin Traynor

A session giving an insight into some of the essential elements required to perform safe fights for film or theatre.

The illusion of unarmed combat is probably the most requested skill set for actors. Be prepared to slap, punch and strangle your way through the session!

Ronin has directed fights for over 350 productions including film, TV, musicals, opera, motion capture and numerous theatre shows in the UK and overseas.
Credits include multi awarding series Total War by SEGA and Kicking Off (Best UK Film 2015 – Raindance), Olive Green (Best Adventure & Action Film 2015 – US International Film & Video Festival), The First Musketeer (Best UK Web Series 2015 – UK Web Fest), Chronicles of Syntax (Outstanding Series in Science Fiction/Fantasy and nomination for Best Action Scene 2014 – LA Web Fest), Usagi Yojimbo at Southwark Playhouse (nominated for Best Choreography 2014 – Off West End awards).
A certified teacher with the British Academy of Stage & Screen Combat and a British Academy of Fencing, Level 3 coach, Ronin is also the director of Independent Drama which provides fight choreography, actor training, weapon hire and combat casting services to drama schools, theatre groups and the film and theatre industry.


Jon Hodgeson
IV Degree Black Belt Kenpo.  Educator and Course Director at The Kagemusha Foundation


Jon’s workshop- The Functional Blade – will cover the basics of the Japanese sword movements, with the emphasis on traditional footwork and blade placement followed by a discussion into Eastern and Western Martial Arts and the place of the student within their framework.

Jon Hodgson has studied martial arts for most of his life, and has taught since his early teens. Having started training in Kenpo aged 6 in 1990.
Jon has researched, developed and created various armed systems from the traditional to modern, including edged, impact, projectile, and flexible weapons, for performance or practicality.
He has co-created a progressive interpretation of Kenpo, resulting in a practical unarmed self-defence system suitable for smaller people and non-martial artists/civilians, which specialises in the metaphorical “giant killer” techniques.



Prof. Peter Cormack – BAF Fencing Coach


Creativity, Improvisation and Risk Taking – This will be an Olympic Fencing Interactive session based on ideas that Prof. Cormack has experimented with for use in epee lessons (although it is relevant for Sabre and Foil too) – Bring your kit.

Prof. Peter Northam
Full-time fencing coach for 43 years.

peter northam
Prof. Northam will be running his workshop based on developing the individual fencing lesson.
This will be a practical session so bring coaching kit with you to get the most out of it.